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    12:30 - 1:30 Registration
    1:30 - 1:50
    Welcome and ISR Vision
    Richard N. Taylor, Professor and Director of ISR

    (slides - PDF)
    2:00 - 2:45

    Panel: Event-based systems and Software Architectures: Out of the Shadows and into the Mainstream (abstract)

    Chair and Panelist:
    Richard N. Taylor, Professor and Director of ISR

    3:00 - 3:45

    Panel: The Challenge for Complex Organizations: Making Sense of Organizational Requirements (abstract)

    Chair: Gloria Mark, ISR / UC Irvine

    4:00 - 4:45

    Panel: Recent Advances in Distributed Software Applications (abstract)
    Chair: Walt Scacchi, ISR / UC Irvine

    4:45 - 5:30

    Keynote Address

    "Collaboration, Innovation and Interactivity: the Power of Simulation and Software Design!"
    (slides - PDF)

    Bill Dresselhaus,
    President and Founder of Dresselhaus Design Group, Inc., and Author of the book ROI: Return On Innovation

    5:30 - 7:30

    Reception with Demonstrations and Posters

    Posters and Demonstrations

    TWICS - Two-Way Integrated ConfigurationManagement and Software Deployment (abstract)
    Student: Sundi Sowrirajan, Advisor: André van der Hoek

    Palantír - Distributed Awareness in Configuration Management (abstract)
    Student: Anita Sarma, Advisor: André van der Hoek

    Ménage - Product Line Architectures (abstract)
    Staff: Rob Egelink, Advisor: André van der Hoek

    SimSE - A Simulation Environment for Software Engineering Education (abstract)
    Student: Emily Oh, Advisor: André van der Hoek

    Problems and Programmers - Software Engineering Card Game (abstract)
    Student: Alex Baker, Advisor: André van der Hoek

    Wren - An Environment for Deployable Components (abstract)
    Student: Chris Luër, Advisors: André van der Hoek and David Rosenblum

    ArchDiff - Architectural Differencing and Merging (abstract)
    Student: Christopher Van der Westhuizen, Advisor: André van der Hoek

    Awareness Gauges (abstract)
    Student: Roberto Silveira Silva Filho, Researcher: Michael Kantor, Advisor: David Redmiles

    Collaborative Information Seeking (abstract)
    Student: Madhu Reddy, Advisor: Paul Dourish

    JazzSpace: Workspace for Collaborative Sense-making using Spatial Arrangements of Objects (abstract)
    Student: Sameer Patil, Advisor: Paul Dourish

    The Ecology of Requirements: Initial System Design Using Requirements Engineering and Project Selection (abstract)
    Student: Mark Bergman, Advisor: Gloria Mark

    Do Four Eyes See Better than Two? Collaborative versus Individual Discovery in Data Visualization Systems (abstract)
    Student: Victor Gonzalez, Advisors: Gloria Mark and Alfred Kobsa

    Privacy as a Design Requirement (abstract)
    Student: Zhaoqi Chen, Advisor: Alfred Kobsa

    Dynamic Adaptation of Architectures to Address Performance and Behavioral Constraints (abstract)
    Student: Eric Dashofy, Advisor: Richard N. Taylor

    AWACS Software Upgrade: Software Architecture-based Solutions (abstract)
    Staff: Yuzo Kanomata, Student: Jie Ren, Advisor: Richard N. Taylor

    DAV Explorer and WebDAV (abstract)
    Student: Joachim Feise, Advisor: Richard N. Taylor

    Identifying and Analyzing Dependencies in Component-based Systems (abstract)
    Student: Marlon Vieira, Advisor: Debra J. Richardson

    Redundant Arrays of Independent Components (abstract)
    Student: Chang Liu, Advisor: Debra J. Richardson

    Argus-I: Architectural Analysis (abstract)
    Student: Marcio Dias, Advisor: Debra J. Richardson

    Software Architecture-based Analysis and Testing: the Past and the Future (abstract)
    Visiting Researcher: Henry Muccini, Host: Debra J. Richardson

    SoftFlow: Visualizing the Evolution of Static Dependency Graphs (abstract)
    Student: Jennifer Bevan, Advisor: E. James Whitehead

    Change Awareness for Space Mission Ground Operations Teams (abstract)
    Student: Elias Sinderson, Advisor: E. James Whitehead

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