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    Maps and Directions

    The Research Forum will be held in the McDonnell Douglas Auditorium. Please note that we anticipate that lot 18/18A will be under construction at this time. Lot 18 C is closest to the McDonnell Douglas Auditorium.


    Campus maps are available.

    Parking lot 18C is located in section 8/9 E, near Middle Earth, on the campus map. (On the PDF map on the web, ignore the lot labeled 18C near 18 and 18B - it's mis-labeled. That's really lot 18A, which will be under construction.)

    Maps of the area around the Institute and ICS are also available.

    Directions/Parking Permits

    You need a parking permit to park at UC Irvine. Currently there are parking permit dispensers at only at some entrances to UC Irvine. These directions bring you onto campus via one of these entrances: East Peltason Drive.

    From North: Take the 405 South. Exit on Jamboree Rd. Go right onto Jamboree Rd. Go left onto Campus Rd. Go past WEST Peltason Drive, and under the pedestrian bridge. Go right at the next lighted intersection, onto EAST Peltason Drive, which takes you into UC Irvine.

    From South: Take the 405 North. Exit on University/Jeffrey. Go left onto University. Go Left onto Culver. Go Right onto Campus Rd. Go Left on EAST Peltason Drive, which takes you into UC Irvine.

    Permit: Pull over immediately at the automated dispenser (designated by a star on the campus map) to purchase a permit. Permits cost $1 per hour, up to $4 per day. The machines accept quarters and $1 bills.

    Park in lot 18C.

    Proceed forward through the lighted intersection (at Pereira) and then under the green pedestrian bridge. Turn right at the first stop sign (Gabrielino Rd. on the left, parking lot 18C on the right). Proceed to the left portion of the lot, and park in an unmarked spot.

    McDonnell Douglas Auditorium

    The McDonnell Douglas Auditorium (building #311, section 8 E on map) is a red-brick building with an arched copper roof. It is located behind the peach-yellow-gray Engineering Gateway buildings (#321 and 323 on map). The auditorium now has lettering which says: "Henry Samuelli School of Engineering".


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