xADL Foundations:

xADL - the Modeling Language Behind ArchStudio

Software and system architectures are represented in architecture description languages (ADLs). Many ADLs have been proposed and developed over the past decade, including Acme, Darwin, C2SADEL, and Rapide. These languages allow users to document design decisions that make up an architecture.

For ArchStudio, we developed an XML-based ADL. This ADL is defined in a set of XML Schemas. Collectively, this set of XML schemas is called xADL. Unlike many other ADLs, xADL can be extended by adding new schemas. As such, any architecture-related information can be stored in xADL. In ArchStudio, all information about a software architecture is stored in xADL. ArchStudio component developers are discouraged from using or developing their own file formats. Keeping the architecture description entirely in xADL ensures that all tools can access it via a common interface, the component xArchADT.

xADL has its own website. The xADL website is: http://www.isr.uci.edu/projects/xarchuci/

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