xADL Getting Started:
Using ArchStudio

Getting Started with ArchStudio

This document assumes that you have alread installed ArchStudio and explains how to get started using the ArchStudio environment.

Step 1: Switching to the ArchStudio Perspective

To see ArchStudio and its constituent tools, you must first switch to the ArchStudio perspective.

video Click here to watch a Video Tutorial showing how to get started with ArchStudio.

Step 2: Creating an Architecture

To edit an architecture, create a project and a new architecture description

video Click here to watch a Video Tutorial showing how to create your first project and architecture description.

Contact Us

If you have questions not answered by this website, please feel free to contact the software architectures group at UC Irvine through the ArchStudio developer's (mailman protected) email list at: archstudio-dev [@] uci [.] edu. (Note: You must subscribe to the mail list before you can post to it.)

Portions of this site Copyright © The Regents of the University of California. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. The development of ArchStudio was initially funded by the DARPA DASADA (Dynamic Assembly for Systems Adaptability, Dependability, and Assurance) program. The site now includes results from projects supported in part by National Science Foundation grants IIS-0205724 and CCF-0430066, The Boeing Company, and IBM.

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