This Institute for Software Research site is a resource of information concerning software architecture. Here, you will find information designed to help software engineers and researchers learn how to use software architecture-based technologies effectively.

UCI's software architecture research is directed at increasing the overall quality of software while reducing both the cost of development and time to market by focusing attention on high-level, principal design issues. We believe that architecture is not just a phase in the development life cycle, but a discipline pervading all phases of development.

Our research in software architecture differs from other approaches because it focuses on four key principles of software architecture:

  • extensibility - to address different concerns, different stakeholder needs, and different desired qualities,
  • environments - to support architecture as a discipline throughout the lifecycle,
  • architecture styles - to capture and reuse intellectual insights that ensure various qualities, and
  • real systems - in addition to using our tools in industry, we use our tools to make our tools.

For more information on software architecture and how to use it effectively, please also read our software architecture overview.

What's New!

[July 2008] Work begins on a new version of ArchStudio.

[February 2008] A protoytpe tool which tracks architectural changes during design as been added to ArchStudio 4. This tool is called EASEL and is an effort to add psudeo change-set-like abilities to the ArchStudio 4 evnrinoment.

[March 2007] Astatechart tool has been added to ArchStudio 4's Archipelago editor.

[November 2006] A completely new ArchStudio — ArchStudio 4 — has been released. Building on the successes and insights of ArchStudio 3, ArchStudio 4 performs faster, has a better and more intuitive user interface, and is fully integrated into the Eclipse development environment.

[November 2006] A architectural style and Java-based framework for supporting architecture-based applications has been developed called Myx. A new version of Archstudio will utilize this new framework to increase the speed and efficiency of event/message passing within a single machine environment.

[June 2006] The ISR Software Architecture Research website has been given a face lift and updated with the latest information.

[January 2006] Demonstrations of decentralized trust management using the the PACE framework are now available!

[March 2005] ArchStudio 3 has been enhanced with an analysis framework, TRON, and a visual editor, Archipelago!

About ISR Software Architecture

The Institute for Software Research's efforts in software architecture research are grounded in the issues involving architecture-based design, from architecture modeling to implementation, addressing issues of architectural styles, security & trust, modeling product lines, and internet scale architectures. We also have a number of software projects available to download.

Please also visit the Institute for Software Research to learn more about our other research areas.