ICSE Shanghai 2006

28th International Conference on Software Engineering

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Conference: May 20-28, 2006 | Main Program: May 24-26, 2006 | Co-located Events / Workshops / Tutorials: May 20-24 & 27-28, 2006
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Computer-based systems continue increasingly to pervade every aspect of human activity. As this proceeds, the need to be sure that we can provide safe, efficient, high-quality software for these systems at acceptable costs in time and money, continue to assume increasing importance. The practice of software development is a worldwide enterprise, with nations and companies, both great and small, and both established and emerging, all vying for leading positions. Breakthroughs and improvements in the practice of software development, and the attendant competitive advantages they will convey, will depend pivotally on progress in fundamental software engineering research, and in effective education.

Thus, ICSE 2006 is dedicated to fostering progress in practice, research, and education, and to creating a forum in which they can be interrelated and encouraged to enrich each other. The ICSE series has for decades been the premier international forum for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent ideas, innovations, trends, experiences, and concerns in the fi eld of software engineering. As has traditionally been the case, ICSE 2006 invites high quality submissions in the form of papers describing original unpublished research results, meaningful experiences, and novel educational insights.

Join us for ICSE 2006 in Shanghai for an experience that will combine outstanding technical events with
a visit to a city and country that will be truly unforgettable!

Important Dates


Additional highlights of ICSE 2006 will be a Far East Experience track dedicated to examining recent events and progress in software development specifi cally in the Far East environment, and an Achievements and Challenges track that will focus on critical issues in past software engineering research achievements and deep, enduring research challenges. As in the past, proposals for Tutorials, Workshops, and Research Demonstrations are being solicited. Submissions for short paper and poster presentations are invited for participation in the Emerging Results session. A Doctoral Symposium will also be featured, as well as the New Software Engineering Faculty Symposium (NSEFS 06). Topics of interest to the organizers of ICSE 2006 include, but are definitely not restricted to:

  • Software requirements engineering
  • Software architectures and design
  • Software components and reuse
  • Software testing and analysis
  • Theory and formal methods
  • Computer supported cooperative work
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Software processes and workflows
  • Software security
  • Software safety and reliability
  • Reverse engineering and software maintenance
  • Grid software
  • Software economics
  • Empirical software engineering and metrics
  • Aspect-orientation and feature interaction
  • Distribution and parallelism
  • Software tools and development environments
  • Software policy and ethics
  • Programming languages
  • Object-oriented techniques
  • AI and Knowledge based software engineering
  • Mobile and ubiquitous computing
  • Embedded and real-time software
  • Internet and information systems development

Location and Venue

ICSE 2006 will be held in Shanghai, China, the epicenter of one of the fastest-growing software communities in the world. Shanghai is a fascinating and invigorating blend of both the dazzlingly ultramodern and the charmingly traditional. The conference venue is the Shanghai International Conference Center, located on the banks of the Huang Pu River which is continually traversed with bustling traffic. The Conference Center looks across the river to the historic Bund, a row of buildings built by the European powers at the turn of the 20th century, and to a modern city intermixed with the
considerable charm of the ancient Chinese culture and traditions.

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