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Doctoral Symposium


The goal of the Symposium is to provide a supportive yet questioning setting in which students can present their work; to provide an opportunity for students to attend ICSE; and, to support the ICSE mission as a world-leading venue for software engineering research. Students will be able to discuss their goals, methods, and results at an early stage in their research. The Symposium aims to provide useful guidance for completion of the dissertation research and initiation of a research career.

Important Dates

  • SUBMISSION: 5 December 2005
  • CAMERA-READY COPY DUE: 24 February 2006


To apply as a student participant in the Doctoral Symposium, you should prepare a submission package consisting of two parts. 

Both parts are required by the submission deadline.


  • Anthony Finkelstein, University College London, a.finkelstein@cs.ucl.ac.uk


The technical scope of the Symposium is that of ICSE. The Symposium will provide an opportunity for student participants to interact with other students at a similar stage in their careers, established researchers, and the broader software engineering community.

Students should consider participating in the Doctoral Symposium at least six months before completion of their dissertations, but after having settled on a research area or dissertation topic. Some students selected to attend the Symposium, typically those at a later stage of their research, will be asked to present a talk about their work. Other students selected to attend the Symposium, typically those at an earlier stage of their research, will be asked to present a capsule summary of their work.

Review and Evaluation Criteria

Each prospective student participant will submit a package of materials for consideration by the Doctoral Symposium Committee.

The Doctoral Symposium Committee will select participants using the following criteria: the potential quality of the research and its relevance to software engineering; quality of the research abstract; stage of the research (students will be selected across a range of research stages); diversity of background, research topic, and approach.


Accepted research abstracts will appear in the ICSE 2006 Proceedings. All submitters will be expected to be able to meet the tight deadlines for camera-ready submissions.

Student Support

Doctoral consortium attendees will have preferential access to the student support and student volunteer schemes of ICSE 2006.

Committee Members

  • Anthony Finkelstein (Co-Chair), University College London (UK)
  • Bashar Nuseibeh (Co-Chair), The Open University (UK)
  • Licia Capra, University College of London (UK)
  • Jeff Kramer, Imperial University (UK)
  • Patricia Machado, Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (Brazil)
  • Richard N. Taylor, University of California, Irvine (USA)
  • T. H. Tse, University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

Submission Template

This is the required template for submissions. Both parts are required by the submission deadline.

Part 1: Research Abstract

The research abstract should be a maximum four (4) pages long, formatted in accordance with the ICSE 2006 Format and Submission Guidelines. It should cover: the technical problem to be solved with a justification of its importance; an account of related and prior work explaining why this has not solved the problem; the research hypothesis or claim; a sketch of the proposed solution; the expected contributions of your dissertation research; progress in solving the stated problem; the methods you are using or will use to carry out your research; a plan for evaluating your work and presenting credible evidence of your results to the research community.

Students at relatively early stages of their research will have some difficulty addressing some of these areas. Nonetheless, each prospective student participant should address them as well as possible.

The research abstract should be in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). It should include the title of your work, your name and contact details, a one paragraph short summary in the style of an abstract for a regular paper. All submitted materials must be in English. All materials must be submitted electronically in the formats specified above. Submissions should contain no proprietary or confidential material and should cite no proprietary or confidential publications. Submissions which exceed the maximum length may not be considered.

Part 2: Letter of Recommendation

Ask your dissertation advisor for a letter of recommendation. This letter should include your name and a candid assessment of the current status of your dissertation research and an expected date for dissertation submission. The letter should be in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), and sent to: a.finkelstein@cs.ucl.ac.uk with a subject: DOCTORAL CONSORTIUM RECOMMENDATION.

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