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The Institute for Software Research (ISR) regularly holds a Research Forum to bring researchers, industry leaders and technical practitioners to UC Irvine to share the latest software and information technology research developments.


A chief goal of the ISR Research Forum is to foster collaboration in research and technology transfer. To that end, the event provides a central multi-disciplinary environment to:

  • Discuss current research areas and technical trends in the field
  • Share current ISR research
  • Formulate visions for strategic future research and technological directions, and
  • Encourage interactions among academia and industry through exchange of ideas and experiences


The program format varies from year to year, typically featuring a mixture of: faculty research presentations; panels that address current hot topics; a keynote speaker who challenges participants with novel directions; an Open House; and research posters and demonstrations.


For several years, a regional Software Graduate Student Symposium (GSRS) was held in conjuntion with the ISR Research Forum. GSRS students had a unique opportunity to share and present their research to each other and a wider audience. GSRS students also participated in the Research Forum poster and demo reception. Industry attendees and other Research Forum participants were thus able to mingle with the best-of-the-best regional students in one place at one time. Note that the ISR GSRS was previously named ISR Graduate Student Research Forum (GSRF).


Nenad Medvidovic
Nenad Medvidovic

Mark Your Calendars!


2013 ISR Research Forum: Where Research Meets the Real World
Friday May 31, 2013

Keynote: Nenad Medvidovic, Professor, Computer Science Department, Viterbi School of Engineering, University of Southern California
"When, Where, and Why Software Systems Decay and What We Can Do About It"



Betty Cheng
Betty H.C. Cheng

2012 ISR Research Forum: Where Research Meets the Real World
Friday May 18, 2012

Keynote: Betty H.C. Cheng, Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, Michigan State University
"Model-based Development of High-Assurance Dynamically Adaptive Systems"




Dan Lejerskar
Dan Lejerskar

2009 ISR Research Forum: Celebrating 10 Years of Collaboration and Innovation
Friday June 5, 2009

Keynote: Dan Lejerskar, Chairman and Co-Founder, EON Reality
"Trends in Immersive and Holographic Interactive Displays (IHI)"



Jan Bosch

Dr. Jan Bosch

2008 ISR Research Forum: Gaining Perspective
ISR Graduate Student Research Symposiun (GSRS)
Friday June 6, 2008


Keynote: Dr. Jan Bosch, Vice President, Engineering Process, Intuit Inc., Professor of Software Engineering, University of Groningen

"Evolving the Notion of Software Architecture: Three Dimensions"



Dr. Rami Razouk

2007 ISR Research Forum: Strategies, Technologies, Opportunities: Open Systems and the Future
ISR Graduate Student Research Symposiun (GSRS)
Friday June 1, 2007


Keynote: Dr. Rami Razouk, Senior Vice President, Engineering and Technology Group, of The Aerospace Corporation

"Cyber threats - Is the sky falling?"



Sheldon Brown

Sheldon Brown

2006 ISR Research Forum: Playing a Leading Role
ISR Graduate Student Research Symposium (GSRS)
Friday June 2, 2006


Keynote: Sheldon Brown, Director, Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA), Director, UCSD Experimental Game Lab, Professor of Visual Arts
University of California, San Diego

"Devising Coherency: Software-Intensive Art as Cultural Research"


Thomas W. Malone

2005 ISR Research Forum: Wave of the Future
ISR Graduate Student Research Forum (GSRF)
June 3, 2005


Keynote: Thomas W. Malone, Patrick J. McGovern Professor of Management, MIT Sloan School of Management

"The Future of Work and Processes"



Mitch Kapor


2004 ISR Research Forum: Industry Problems - ISR Solutions
June 8, 2004


Keynote: Mitch Kapor, Founder and Chair, Open Source Applications Foundation

"Chandler: An Open Source Personal Information Manager"



Alfred Z. Spector


2003 ISR Research Forum: Where Research meets the Real World
June 17, 2003


Keynote: Alfred Z. Spector, Vice President of Services and Software, IBM Research Division

"On Demand Systems"



Bill Dresselhaus


2002 1st Annual ISR Research Forum
June 18, 2002


Keynote: Bill Dresselhaus, President and Founder of Dresselhaus Design Group Inc.

"Collaboration, Innovation and Interactivity: the Power of Simulation and Software Design!"


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