June 17, 2003
McDonnell Douglas Auditorium, University of California, Irvine

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Market Penetration of Visual Interfaces: An Analysis of Impediments (poster abstract)
Student: Victor Gonzalez, Advisors: Gloria Mark and Alfred Kobsa

Balancing Privacy and Awareness needs in Distributed Software Development (poster abstract)
Student: Sameer Patil, Advisor: Alfred Kobsa

Deployment Support in a Component Platform (poster abstract)
Student: Chris Lüer, Advisors: André van der Hoek

Palantír - Distributed Awareness in Configuration Management (poster and demo abstract)
Student: Anita Sarma, Advisor: André van der Hoek

SimSE - A Simulation Environment for Software Engineering Education (poster and demo abstract)
Student: Emily Oh Navarro, Advisor: André van der Hoek

Émigré: An Architecture-Based Framework for Migratory Applications (poster abstract)
Student: Maulik Oza, Advisor: André van der Hoek

MCCM - Modularly Configurable Configuration Management (poster abstract)
Staff: Ronald van der Lingen, Advisor: André van der Hoek

A Tool Set for Change Management and Feature Propagation within a Product Family Architecture (poster and demo abstract)
Students: Ping Chen, Matt Critchlow, Akash Garg, Christopher Van der Westhuizen, Advisor: André van der Hoek

An Approach for Tracing and Understanding Asynchronous Systems (poster and demo abstract)
Student: Scott Hendrickson, Advisor: Richard N. Taylor

Dynamic Architecture-based Adaptation of Distributed Software Systems: Techniques and Tools (poster and demo abstract)
Student: Eric Dashofy, Advisor: Richard N. Taylor

Knowledge-Based Architecture Adaptation Management (poster and demo abstract)
Student: John Georgas, Advisor: Richard N. Taylor

PACE: A Peer-to-Peer Architectural Style for Decentralized Applications (poster and demo abstract)
Student: Girish Suryanarayana, Advisor: Richard N. Taylor

Activating the Social Workscape (poster and demo abstract)
Student: Danyel Fisher, Advisor: Paul Dourish

You've Got IM: Instantaneous Communication Among University Students (poster abstract)
Student: Sophia Liu, Advisor: Paul Dourish

Reconciling Architectural Discovery and Recovery to Stem Architectural Erosion (poster abstract)
Student: Vladimir Jakobac, Advisor: Nenad Medvidovic

An Extensible Middleware for Architecture-Based Development (poster abstract)
Student: Sam Malek, Advisor: Nenad Medvidovic

Towards an Assembly Language for Architectural Styles (poster abstract)
Student: Nikunj Mehta, Advisor: Nenad Medvidovic

MonArch: Architecting Dynamic and Flexible Monitoring Systems (poster abstract)
Student: Marcio Dias, Advisor: Debra J. Richardson

In Situ Requirements Analysis: An examination of the Relationship between Requirements Determination and Project Selection (poster abstract)
Student: Mark Bergman, Advisor: Gloria Mark

Simulating an Automated Approach to Discovery and Modeling of Open Source Software Development Processes (poster abstract)
Student: Chris Jensen, Advisor: Walt Scacchi

GUI Approach in Programming Real Time Distributed Systems and Associated Graphical Interfaces (poster and demo abstract)
Students: Anish Kadavil, Seok-Joong Kang, Advisor: Kane K. H. Kim

Product Line Architectures and Service Utilization Metrics (poster abstract)
Students: Kevin Dodd, Jessica Chou, Advisor: André van der Hoek


Last year, the Reception, with Posters and Demonstrations, was a bona fide hit!

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