June 17, 2003
McDonnell Douglas Auditorium, University of California, Irvine

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Info for Demonstrators and Posters


Your demo should run on a laptop.

You will be provided with a table, chair and power for your demonstration.

Do not count on Intrnet access - plan for a canned demo.


SIZE. Posters are typically either 18 x 24 or 24 x 36.

DISPLAY at Forum. You will be provided with a tripod or easel for your poster.

PRODUCTION. Posters can be produced as you feel appropriate for your project. Typically, they come in 2 varieties:

  • standard poster board with sheets of paper attached
  • produced at Kinko's, laminated on foam core (details follow)

Posters you may have seen around ISR locally for various research projects have been produced at Kinko's and other printers. They are laminated and mounted on foam core. Typically, these posters are enlarged versions of the research flyers for that project. If you want to go this route, there are sample ISR research project flyer files on the ICS2 259/Library Mac that you may use as guides to make your own. These samples are in Adobe Illustrator and Quark Express. There is also a Pagemaker poster, but the Mac does not have Pagemaker. You are welcome to download and use the Pagemaker poster template.

To use the Mac in ICS2 259, you must login as ISR User. Please see Debra Brodbeck (ICS2 240) or YuzoKanomata (ICS2 246) for the password.

Additionally, a style guide for flyers is now available, enabling you to use your favorite tool to produce the flyer/poster. (For now, contact Debra Brodbeck for the style guide.) However, we stongly recommend you do not use Word, as it typically produces a poor quality flyer/poster. If Word is your only option, we encourage you to instead use the applications on the Mac in ICS2 259.

FILES. We recommend that your files be built to final size for production at Kinko's.

Kinko's strongly prefers PDF. Be sure to embed all fonts and images. Use CMYK colors.

If you're a PC user, you can download Kinko's File Prep Tool (KFP) Software to keep all of your margins, formatting, fonts and graphics intact for reliable printing. Download is free. (PC users who have not done this in the past have had unexpected results.)

If you're a Mac user, give Kinko's PDF.

General file preparation info from Kinko's is available.

Files can be given to Kinko's via the web (Kinkonet) , email, or burned CD (hand deliver).

Posters should be given to Shannon Richesin or Kiana Falla by Monday, June 16. They will take the posters over to the UClub and set up for the reception.

Kinko's typically takes about 3 days to produce posters.

PAYMENT. Make arrangements with your advisor in advance regarding payment for the poster. ISR does not pay for posters to be produced.

For More Info

If you have questions or need more info, contact:

Yuzo is the best person to ask for assistance with flyer and poster preparation. He will be helping to set up posters and demos again this year. Thanks Yuzo!

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