June 8, 2004
McDonnell Douglas Auditorium, University of California, Irvine

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Info for Posters and Demonstrators

Students: want to participate?
   Contact Debra Brodbeck, see below.

Students Only session. This year, in addition to the evening reception with posters and demos, we have added a morning "students only" session just for you. You will be able to share your posters with each other, gather feedback on research, foster relationships for future collaborative research, network with your peers, etc. This session will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 12 noon in the UClub Library. Pizza lunch will be provided afterwards in CS 432/438.

The evening Poster/Demo session over reception will be at the UClub as in the past two years.


Your demo should run on a laptop.

You will be provided with a table, chair and power for your demonstration. If you have a poster to go with your demo, you will likely have to display it on the table, against the wall.

Do not count on Internet access - plan for a canned demo. If this is a severe problem, contact Debra Brodbeck (brodbeck_@_uci_dot_edu).


PAYMENT. Make arrangements with your advisor in advance regarding payment for the poster.

DISPLAY at Forum. You will be provided with a tripod or easel for your poster.

If you would like your poster to be taken to the UClub by ISR, give your poster to Steve Ponting by Monday, June 7. He will take the posters over to the UClub prior to the morning session.

SIZE. Posters are typically either 18 x 24 or 24 x 36.

PRODUCTION. Posters can be produced as you feel appropriate for your project. Typically, they come in two varieties:

  • standard poster board with sheets of paper attached
  • laminated on foam core (UCI Engineering Copy Center - ECC, Kinkos)

ISR students: ISR posters are often enlarged versions of the project's research flyer. Information on making ISR flyers and posters is avilable.

ISR typically makes posters at the Engineering Copy Center due to cost.

The Engineering Copy Center requires PDF. Kinko's strongly prefers PDF. Be sure to embed all fonts and images. Use CMYK colors.

If you're a PC user, you can download Kinko's File Prep Tool (KFP) Software to keep all of your margins, formatting, fonts and graphics intact for reliable printing. Download is free.

If you're a Mac user, give ECC/Kinko's PDF.

General file preparation info from Kinko's is available.

Files can be given to Kinko's via the web (Kinkonet), email, or burned CD (hand deliver).

The ECC and Kinko's typically take about 3 days to produce posters.


For More Info, contact:

Debra A. Brodbeck
Technical Relations Director
(949) 824-2260



Send comments to isr@uci.edu