June 8, 2004
McDonnell Douglas Auditorium, University of California, Irvine

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Posters and Demonstrations (partial list)

Coping with Work Fragmentation: An Information Worker's Perspective (poster abstract)
Student: Victor González, Advisors: Gloria Mark

In Situ Requirements Analysis: An examination of the Relationship between Requirements Determination and Project Selection (poster abstract)
Post-Doctoral Researcher: Mark Bergman, Advisor: Gloria Mark

Privacy in Instant Messaging (poster abstract)
Student: Sameer Patil, Advisor: Alfred Kobsa

Augur: Supporting Software Development Visually (poster abstract)
Student: Jon Froehlich, Advisor: Paul Dourish

Software Visualization with Load-time Instrumentation (poster abstract)
Student: Ben Pillet, Advisor: Paul Dourish

Activating the Social Workscape (poster abstract)
Student: Danyel Fisher, Advisor: Paul Dourish

Social Regulation in Virtual Spaces (poster abstract)
Student: Jack I. Muramatsu, Advisors: Paul Dourish, Mark Ackerman, Univ. Michigan

JUNG: The Java Unified Network/Graph Toolkit (poster abstract)
Students: Danyel Fisher, Joshua O'Madadhain, Advisors: Paul Dourish, Padhraic Smyth

AML - Aspect Markup Language: A Markup Language for Aspect Oriented Programming (poster abstract)
Student: Trung Ngo, Advisor: Crista Lopes

A Multiscale Workspace for Managing Personal Information Collections (poster and demo abstract)
Student: Dan Bauer, Advisor: Jim Hollan, UCSD

MonArch: Architecting Dynamic and Flexible Monitoring Systems (poster abstract)
Student: Marcio Dias, Advisor: Debra J. Richardson

YANCEES: Yet Another Configurable Extensible Event Service (poster abstract)
Student: Roberto Silveira Silva Filho, Faculty: David Redmiles

Breaking the Code: Moving between Private and Public Work in Collaborative Software Development (poster abstract)
Student: Cleidson de Souza, Faculty: David Redmiles

SimSE - A Simulation Environment for Software Engineering Education (poster and demo abstract)
Students: Emily Oh Navarro, Beverly Chan, Calvin Lee, Advisor: André van der Hoek

Problems and Programmers (poster and demo abstract)
Student: Alex Baker, Advisor: André van der Hoek

Rethinking Software Design (poster abstract)
Students: Chris Van der Westhuizen, Ping Chen, Alex Baker, Advisor: André van der Hoek

Deployment Support in a Component Platform (poster and demo abstract)
Students: Chris Lüer, Sajjad Mustehsan, Advisors: André van der Hoek

Palantír - Distributed Awareness in Configuration Management (poster and demo abstract)
Students: Anita Sarma, Ryan Y.Yasui, Roger Ripley, Ksatria Williams, Advisor: André van der Hoek

A Tool Set for Change Management and Feature Propagation within a Product Family Architecture (poster and demo abstract)
Students: Ping Chen, Akash Garg, Chris Van der Westhuizen, Advisor: André van der Hoek

Discovery and Modeling of Development Processes in Open Source Communities (poster abstract)
Student: Chris Jensen, Advisors: Walt Scacchi, André van der Hoek

A Tool Platform Using an XML Representation of Java Source Code (poster and demo abstract)
Visitor: Katsuhisa Maruyama, Ritsumeikan University, Japan
Co-Researcher: Shinichiro Yamamoto, Aich Prefectural University, Japan

An Approach for Tracing and Understanding Asynchronous Systems (poster abstract)
Student: Scott Hendrickson, Advisor: Richard N. Taylor

Dynamic Architecture-based Adaptation of Distributed Software Systems: Techniques and Tools (poster and demo abstract)
Student: Eric Dashofy, Advisor: Richard N. Taylor

Knowledge-Based Architecture Adaptation Management (poster and demo abstract)
Student: John Georgas, Advisor: Richard N. Taylor

PACE: A Peer-to-Peer Architectural Style for Decentralized Applications (poster and demo abstract)
Students: Girish Suryanarayana, Mamadou Diallo, Advisor: Richard N. Taylor

Decentralization != Distribution (poster and demo abstract)
Student: Rohit Khare , Advisor: Richard N. Taylor

Learning from History to Improve Effort Estimation (poster abstract)
Student: Wendy Wong, Advisor: Susan Sim

Energy IT: Distributed Energy Resource Monitoring and Performance (poster abstract)
Students: Ryan Gaylord, James D. Maclay, Advisors: Prof. Scott Samuelsen, APEP, Dr. Jack Brouwer, APEP

Energy IT: Control and Dispatch of Distributed Energy Resources (poster abstract)
Student: Jim Meacham, Advisor: Prof. Scott Samuelsen, APEP, Dr. Jack Brouwer, APEP, Dr. Vince McDonell, APEP

Labeling as a Way of Abstracting a Software System (poster abstract)
Student: Vladimir Jakobac, Advisor: Nenad Medvidovic, USC, Co-Researcher: Alexander Egyed, Teknowledge Corp.

An Architectural Style for Highly Data-Intensive Systems (poster abstract)
Student: Christian Mattmann, Advisor: Nenad Medvidovic, USC, Co-Researcher: Daniel J. Crichton, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

DeSi: A Visual Tool for Analyzing Distributed Software Architectures (poster abstract)
Student: Nels Beckman, Advisor: Nenad Medvidovic, USC, Co-Researchers: Marija Mikic-Rakic, Sam Malek

Bamboo: Automatic Generation of Version Control Systems (poster abstract)
Students: Guozheng Ge, Kai Pan, Advisor: Jim Whitehead, UC Santa Cruz

Internet Use in the Dean Presidential Campaign (poster abstract)
Student: Keri Carpenter, Advisor: Bonnie Nardi



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