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Location and Directions

The Workshop will be held at:

NASA Ames Research Center
Room 100
Building N262
Moffet Field, CA 94035


Take 101 north from San Jose airport or south from San Francisco.

Take the Moffett Field exit from 101, and go to the guard house, which is the main gate. Tell the guard you are going into the Visitor Reception building on the right. Park in the parking lot there and pick up your visitor badge inside Visitor Reception.

If you have any problems have the badging personnel, call John Penix (604-6576) or Larry Markosian (604-6207).

Exit the parking lot and continue ACROSS Moffett Blvd (the road you came in on). You are now on R.T. Jones Rd.

Pass the Visitor Center on the right, and nearing the end of the road, turn right into Gate 17. Stop at the guard house there and the guard will check your badge.

Continue on and take a right at the stop sign at Hunsacker Rd.

Take a left at the next stop--parking lot is on your left and building 269 is on the right. Park in the parking lot and go to the first floor of building 269.

Continue straight through the hall through the middle of the building. Take a left into the next hall. Then take a right into the next hall. Room 100 is a large conference room on your right. This is in building 262, which is connected to 269.


This workshop is sponsored by the UC Irvine Institute for Software Research (ISR) and NASA Ames Research Center.

Comments and questions: Debra A. Brodbeck, ISR Technical Relations Director,