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Software has transformed society in dramatic and powerful ways. From the World Wide Web to pilotless vehicles to spreadsheets, software systems inform, control, and enhance daily activities. Software research at UCI is aimed at creating new software technology and solutions, furthering the information revolution.

Software research at UCI encompasses several major areas of study typically labeled as within software engineering, as well as several areas not so typically labeled. ``Software'' was chosen as the name of the area to reflect the existence of perspectives in addition to that of engineering, namely science, mathematics, and human-computer interaction. The central goal of our research is improvement in software development, evolution, deployment, quality, understandability and cost-effectiveness. The context for the research is broad: the software group is interested, for example, in various issues associated with the World Wide Web as well as the traditional topics associated with development of large-scale, complex systems.

The software faculty and research program are ranked as one of the best in the world. Software faculty are involved in several major grant-funded research efforts, including projects receiving significant federal funding from agencies such as the National Science Foundation (NSF). Software faculty also conduct research projects in cooperation with local industry and have been awarded numerous UC MICRO grants. They maintain connections to software research groups elsewhere in the University of California system, across the country, and around the world.

The Software research group is part of the Department of Informatics in the Donald Bren School of ICS.

Institute for Software Research (ISR)

Software faculty, graduate students, and staff participate in the Institute for Software Research (ISR). ISR's mission is to advance software and information technology through research partnerships.

ISR is dedicated to:

  • fostering innovative basic and applied research in software and information technologies;
  • working with established companies, start-ups, government agencies, and standards bodies to develop and transition the technologies to widespread and practical application;
  • educating the next generation of software researchers and practitioners in advanced software technologies;
  • and supporting the public service mission of the University of California in developing the economic basis of the State of California.

Department of Informatics
School of Information and Computer Sciences
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697-3425

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