ISR Doctoral Dissertations

Title Authors Advisor Year of Publication
Collaboration Strategies Employed in a Virtual World while Performing Distributed Usability Inspections Benjamin Koehne David Redmiles 2014
Lifetimes and Legacies: Temporalities of sociotechnical change in a long-lived system Marisa Cohn Paul Dourish 2014
Factors that Influence Adoption and Use of Location-Sharing Social Media Xinru Page Alfred Kobsa 2014
Designing Citizens in Transnational India Lilly Irani Paul Dourish 2013
Innovation Infrastructures to Transform the Mexican Internet Industry: the Case of the Startup Community Ruy F. Cervantes Bonnie Nardi 2013
A Tagging-Based Approach for Eliciting Requirements in Established Domains Leyna C. Cotran Richard N. Taylor 2013
Component Utilization and Software Quality Joel Ossher Cristina Videira Lopes 2013
Calico: An Early-Phase Software Design Tool Nicolas Mangano André van der Hoek 2013
Supporting Trust in Globally Distributed Software Teams: The Impact of Visualized Collaborative Traces on Perceived Trustworthiness Erik Trainer David Redmiles 2012
Cultivating Creative China: Making and Remaking Cities, Citizens, Work & Innovation Silvia Lindtner Paul Dourish 2012
Enhancing Architecture-Implementation Conformance with Change Management and Support for Behavioral Mapping, Yongjie Zheng Richard N. Taylor 2012
Recovery, Resilience and Beyond: ICT Use During Ongoing Disruption Bryan Semaan Gloria Mark 2012
Production of Use: Re-Conceptualizing the User in Low-Income Communities in Urban India Nithya Sambasivan Bonnie Nardi 2012
How Software Developers Solve Problems by Searching for Source Code on the Web: Studies on Judgments in Evaluation of Results and Information Use Rosalva E. Gallardo-Valencia 2012
From Interaction to Performance in Public Displays Judy Chen Paul Dourish 2011