ISR Doctoral Dissertations

Title Authors Advisor Year of Publication
Beyond Nash Equilibrium: Mechanism Design with Thresholding Agents Wen Shen Cristina Videira Lopes 2019
Cross-Cultural Differences in the Contextual Information Norms in Users’ Privacy Decision-Making Yao Li Alfred Kobsa 2019
Modeling and Prediction of Privacy Decision-Making in IoT Hosub Lee Alfred Kobsa 2019
Towards Accurate and Scalable Clone Detection using Software Metrics Vaibhav Saini Cristina Videira Lopes 2018
Designing Online Playful Activities for Distributed Teams Mengyao Zhao David Redmiles 2018
Exploring the Potential of Using Spatial Audio to Improve Web Accessibility for Screen Reader Users Tao Wang David Redmiles 2018
Narrative Assembly: Technological Framing, Storytelling, and the Situating of 'Data Analytics' in Organizational Life Christine Wolf Paul Dourish 2017
Efficient Permission-Aware Analysis of Android Applications Alireza Sadeghi Sam Malek 2017
Modeling Sustainable Agriculture: design for sustainable food systems, and environmental informatics Ankita Raturi Debra J. Richardson 2017
Understanding the Impact of Support for Iteration on Code Search Lee Thomas Martie André van der Hoek 2017
Introspective Intrusion Detection Byron Hawkins Brian Demsky 2017
An Investigation of College Students’ Facebook Use in Their Personal Learning Environment Yiran Wang Gloria Mark 2017
Social Experience in World of Warcraft: Technological and Ideological Mediations Nicole Crenshaw Bonnie Nardi 2017
Reusable Method Summaries for Improving Performance of Dynamic Dependence Analysis Vijay Palepu James A. Jones 2017
Self-stabilizing Java: Tool Support for Building Robust Software Yong Hun Eom Brian Demsky 2016