ISR Doctoral Dissertations

Title Authors Advisor Year of Publication
An Investigation of College Students’ Facebook Use in Their Personal Learning Environment Yiran Wang Gloria Mark 2017
Social Experience in World of Warcraft: Technological and Ideological Mediations Nicole Crenshaw Bonnie Nardi 2017
Reusable Method Summaries for Improving Performance of Dynamic Dependence Analysis Vijay Palepu James A. Jones 2017
Self-stabilizing Java: Tool Support for Building Robust Software Yong Hun Eom Brian Demsky 2016
Aspect-Oriented Architectural Style for Distributed Interactive Simulations Arthur Valadares Cristina Videira Lopes 2016
Challenge and Retention in Games Thomas Debeauvais Cristina Videira Lopes 2016
PorchLight: A Tag-based Approach to Bug Triaging Gerald Bortis André van der Hoek 2016
Rethinking Civic Computing in China Yubo Kou Bonnie Nardi 2016
Large-Scale Code Clone Detection Hitesh Sajnani Cristina Videira Lopes 2016
Computational State Transfer: An Architectural Style for Decentralized Systems Michael M. Gorlick Richard N. Taylor 2016
Human Computer Interaction in Stroke Rehabilitation Maryam Khademi Cristina Videira Lopes 2015
A User-Tailored Approach to Privacy Decision Support Bart Knijnenburg Alfred Kobsa 2015
The Role of Corporate and Government Surveillance in Shifting Journalistic Information Security Practices Martin Shelton Bonnie Nardi 2015
Human-Centered Computing and the Future of Work: Lessons from Mechanical Turk and Turkopticon, 2008-2015 Michael Silberman Bonnie Nardi 2015
A Characterization and Partial Automation of the Multi-revision, Fine-grained Analysis of Code History as an Efficient and Accurate Mechanism to Support Software Development Francisco Servant James A. Jones 2015