SensOS Project

Contact Information

Professor Richard N. Taylor
Professor David S. Rosenblum

University of California, Irvine

Department of Information and Computer Science

University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697-3425, USA.

E-mail: arch@ics.uci.edu

Other Principal Investigators (Subcontractors)

Michael M. Gorlick
The Aerospace Corporation
E-mail: gorlick@aero.org

Professor Nenad Medvidovic
University of Southern California
E-mail: neno@usc.edu

Professor Dennis Heimbigner
University of Colorado, Boulder
E-mail: dennis@cs.colorado.edu



The SensOS Project is a multi-institutional project aimed at examining the feasibility of using a software architecture-based approach to dynamic adaptation in highly constrained computing environments.

Software Architecture Research

Software architecture principles provide a means by which software systems may be described, developed, and adapt to change. The benefits of software architectures is that they enable: (a) reduced cost and time to market through reuse of components; (b) control over complexity via abstraction; (c) improved chances for interoperability via separation of computation and communication; and (d) improved system design via explicit description of system structure and properties.

Research in the area of Software Architecture at UCI provides a basis for examination of systems for run-time adaptation for the SensOS project.


The C2 Style

A component- and message-based architectural style originally developed at UCI for component reuse and flexible system composition.

Investigation and Development of Embedded Platforms for C2

In pursuit of our goal of developing a foundation for C2 Development on embedded platforms, we are investigating the following areas.

  • Hosting C2 on small foot print platforms
  • Threading performance of Python Implementations of C2
  • Implementing a user-level TCP/IP stack for experimenting with Open AIR protocol specifications

To do this we have are working on the following:

  • A port of Python to the Palm Pilot, developed open source.(Performed by The Aerospace Corporation)
  • A port of stackless Python to the Palm Pilot to investigate microthreading
  • Investigating Ad-hoc routing protocols through modifications of the user-level TCP/IP Stack known as TNOS.
  • Developing lightweight C2 Frameworks for Embedded Systems
  • Developing a design environment for Embedded C2 applications based on the ArchStudio2.0 demo, a demonstration tool suite of C2 software architecture tools which included facilities for run-time change




With many institutions and individuals contributing to this project, we have collected information shared at meetings discussing various aspects of the research and work done on this project.



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