Video Tutorials
ArchStudio 4

Video Tutorials

This website includes a number of multimedia video tutorials that discuss ArchStudio and how to use it. These tutorials are presented through Adobe Flash, and a Flash plug-in is required to view them. They are generally 1-5 minutes in length and about 3-10 megabytes in size. Flash will stream the video after enough of it has loaded. They are generally narrated, so turn your speakers up when watching the tutorials.

When watching a video, moving your mouse over the video will bring up a control panel with play/pause/stop/reposition controls at the bottom of the video.

Video tutorials are indicated by callout boxes on the various pages of the ArchStudio site. For example, the callout box for the "How to Install ArchStudio 4" video tutorial looks like this:

video Click here to watch a Video Tutorial showing how to install ArchStudio 4.

Additional questions about video tutorials should be sent to Eric M. Dashofy.