Version Pruning
ArchStudio 4

Version Pruning

The Version Pruner component can be used to remove all versioning information from a xADL document. The end result of running a xADL document through this component is a document which has all version graphs removed as well as any links from types to their respective version nodes removed. The component achieves this by simply iterating over all types and clearing the links to their version nodes; additionally, all version graphs are removed from the document. For more information on xADL documents, visit the xADL 2.0 website.

This component could be used, for example, along with the Selector and Pruner components. Please refer to the Selector Driver component for instructions on how to use the Selector, Pruner, and Prune Versions components through a convenient GUI.

Questions about the Prune Versions component should be sent to Christopher Van der Westhuizen.