Selector String Representation
ArchStudio 4

String Representations of Objects

Currently, the selector supports only 3 types of objects (data types): real number, date/time, and strings.

Real numbers are simply integers or doubles. They are represented as by numbers and they are parsed by the the java Double's parseDouble function. Some examples:


Dates represents moments in time. They are enclosed in pound-signs ("#"). The selector can process most common forms of dates. It accepts the FULL, LONG, MEDIUM, and SHORT formats under the U.S. locale as listed on the Javadoc documentation for DateFormat.

Note: the program will strip away the #'s. Some examples:

#1/12/02#   => Jan. 12th, 2002
#2/12/2002# => Feb. 12th, 2002

Strings are strings of characters. They are always enclosed in double quotes. Note: the program will strip away the double quotes. Some examples:

"hello world"

Additional questions about the String formats should be sent to Ping H. Chen.