Congratulations Graduates!

Ph.D. candidate Yang Feng (J. Jones, advisor), Prof. James A. Jones, Ph.D. graduate Wen Shen (C. Lopes, advisor), Prof. Cristina Lopes, Ph.D. candidate Di Yang (C. Lopes, advisor), Informatics Dept. Chair Prof. André van der Hoek, ISR Director Prof. Sam Malek, Alumnus  Dr. Alireza Sadeghi (Ph.D. 2017, S. Malek, advisor), and Ph.D. candidate Reyhaneh  Jabbarvand (S. Malek, advisor).

Join us in wishing our recent graduates well as they move on to new jobs around the country. Three cheers to one and all!

 Hosub Lee, Yao Li, and Wen Shen.

Hosub Lee (Ph.D., advisor A. Kobsa) has joined Samsung Research America in Irvine, CA as a Staff Software Engineer. He is working on building ML-based systems that provide Samsung Smart TV users with a personalized TV-viewing experience.

Yao Li (Ph.D., advisor A. Kobsa) is joining the University of Central Florida as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Informatics.

Wen Shen (Ph.D., advisor C. Lopes) is on the job market.

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