Posters + Social Hour

4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Student Name Advisor Name Poster/Demo Title
Sumaya Almanee Joshua Garcia Too Quiet in the Library: An Empirical Study of
Security Updates in Android Apps’ Native Code
Jun-Wei Lin Sam Malek Test Transfer Across Mobile Apps Through Semantic Mapping
Elahe Paikari André van der Hoek Revisiting Bug Report Quality Prediction: Actionable versus Non-Actionable Bug Reports
Arda Unal Joshua Garcia Automatically Mitigating Side-Channel Vulnerabilities in Sensitive Programs
Navid Salehnamadi Sam Malek Latte: Use-Case and Assistive-Service Driven Automated Accessbility Testing Framework for Android
Forough Mehralian Sam Malek COALA: Context-Aware Label Generation Approach for Icons in Android Apps
Negar Ghorbani Sam Malek, Joshua Garcia DeltaDroid: Dynamic Delivery Testing in Android
Jiri Gesi Iftekhar Ahmed Understanding Maintenance of Machine Learning Systems: A Comprehensive Study
Farima Farmahinifarahani Crista Lopes D-REX: Static Detection of Relevant Runtime Exceptions with Location Aware BERT
Vanessa Illana Klotzman Crista Lopes Public Software Development Activity Before and During the Pandemic: Any Difference?
Zhendong Wang David Redmiles Assisting the Elite-Driven Open Source Development through Activity Data Analysis and Small-scale Automation
Andrew Truelove Iftekhar Ahmed We’ll Fix It in Post: What Do Bug Fixes in Video Game Update Notes Tell Us?
Yang Yue David Redmiles A Study of Contribution Patterns and Technical Success in OSS Newcomers' Early Careers
Carol Abadeer & Kaj Dreef Jim Jones Visualizing the Form and Function of Test Suites