2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
SESSION CHAIR:  Cristina Videira Lopes
Google Autocomplete
Staff Software Engineer
Keynote Abstract

Autocomplete is one of the most heavily used features in Google Search. This feature is provided for many products such as Web, Youtube, Image, or Google Play. This talk will summarize Google Autocomplete from many perspectives such as data modeling and infrastructure behind it. It also covers interesting features and challenges.

About the Keynote

Sara Javanmardi is a PhD graduate of UC Irvine who currently works as a Staff Software Engineer at Google Search. Before Google she worked as an engineer in Microsoft Bing on search ranking. As of now she works on the autocomplete feature that helps users search faster to find the information they need. She works on many services such as Web, Youtube and Play; she leads many projects from quality (e.g, ranking) to infrastructure (e.g, faster data pipeline). Recently her main focus is on improving spam detection and building a more robust data model.