Student Updates

Martin Shelton (B. Nardi, advisor) is spending summer 2015 as an intern at Google in Mountain View, CA,  focusing on usability for security software. Shelton is working as part of the Privacy and UX Research Team, for Sunny Consolvo. Additionally, Shelton’s paper, “Online Media Forums as Separate Social Lives: A Qualitative Study of Disclosure Within and Beyond Reddit,” was nominated for a Best Paper Award at the iSchools’ iConference 2015, held in Newport Beach, CA in March. The paper was co-authored by Ph.D. student Katherine Lo and Shelton’s advisor Prof. Bonnie Nardi.


Thomas Debeauvais (C. Lopes, advisor) presented his paper “Gate Me If You Can: The Impact of Gating Mechanics on Retention and Revenues in Jelly Splash” at the  2015 Foundations of Digital  Games Conference, held in Pacific Grove, CA in June. The paper is co-authored by his advisor Prof. Crista Lopes.

Bart Knijnenburg (A. Kobsa, advisor) presented his paper titled “Increasing Disclosure Without Reducing Satisfaction: Finding the Best Privacy Settings User Interface for Social Networks” at the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) in December in Auckland, New Zealand. The paper is coauthored by his advisor, Prof. Alfred Kobsa. Knijnenburg presented another paper, titled “Inferring Capabilities of Intelligent Agents From Their External Traits,” at the Pre-ICIS Workshop on HCI Research in MIS. The paper is coauthored by Martijn Willemsen of TU Eindhoven. Knijnenburg has also been hired by Samsung as a part-time consultant on a project regarding “Privacy in Recommender Systems.”

Caitie Lustig’s (B. Nardi, advisor) paper titled “Algorithmic Authority: The Case of Bitcoin” has been accepted to the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) held in Kauai in January. The paper is coauthored by her advisor, Prof. Bonnie Nardi. 

Maryam Khademi (C. Lopes, advisor) spent her summer as an intern at Konica in San Mateo, CA where she worked on 3D sensing user interfaces and hand gesture recognition. 

Alegria Baquero (R. Taylor, advisor) presented her poster titled “Enabling Secure, Customizable, and Dynamic Personal Information Services with COAST” at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Conference (GHC) in October in Phoenix, AZ. The poster is co-authored by her advisor ISR Director Richard N. Taylor. Baquero was awarded a GHC scholarship grant to participate in the conference. Baquero graduated with her Ph.D. in December.

Ankita Raturi (D. Richardson, advisor) has been awarded a $2,500 fellowship from UC President Janet Napolitano’s Global Food Initiative Student Fellowship Program. Raturi will focus on developing a software program that models the environmental impact of agricultural systems.

Nicole Crenshaw (B. Nardi, advisor) presented her paper titled “What’s in a Name? Naming Practices in Online Video Games” at the ACM SIGCHI Annual Symposium on ComputerHuman Interaction in Play (CHI PLAY) in London in October. The paper is co-authored by her advisor Prof. Bonnie Nardi. 

Arthur Valadares (C. Lopes, advisor) presented two papers this Fall. The first, “A Framework for Designing and Evaluating Distributed Real-Time Applications,” was presented at the Distributed Simulation and Real Time Applications conference in Toulouse, France in October. The paper is coauthored by his advisor Prof. Crista Lopes. The second, “Enabling FineGrained Load Balancing for Virtual Worlds with Distributed Simulation Engines,” was presented at the Winter Simulation Conference (WSC) in December in Savannah, GA. This paper is co-authored by Lopes and Huaiyu Liu of Intel Labs. 

Recent ISR graduate, Nicholas DiGiuseppe (J. Jones, advisor) interned this summer at Google in Mountain View with the Google Analytics team where one of his projects was to automate an end-to-end, push-button performance test infrastructure for backend analysis.

Xinning Gui (B. Nardi, advisor) spent her summer conducting an ethnographic study of civic engagement on sustainability in a city in China. The study investigated how economic, political, and cultural contexts in China have shaped local citizens’ collective sustainable practices.

Eugenia Gabrielova (C. Lopes, advisor) is the recipient of the SMART Fellowship, a funding opportunity from the DoD which provides graduate funding and a postgraduate placement in a DoD research lab. The fellowship matches a student with a DoD lab for summer internships and a service agreement (1-to- 1 years of funding to post-grad research). Gabrielova will be joining SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific, a Navy R&D lab in San Diego.