Student Updates

Reyhan Jabbarvand’s (S. Malek, advisor) paper titled “Automated Construction of an Energy Test Oracle for Android” has been acepted to ESEC/FSE 2020, to be held in November. The paper is co-authored by graduate student Forough Mehralian and Jabbarvand’s advisor professor Sam Malek.

Kaj Dreef (J. Jones, advisor) will be interning this summer for Sony in Aliso Viejo, CA. He will be assisting the Hardware & Systems Engineering team in development of PlayStation Now server technology and Content Delivery Network technology. His manager is Kim Low. This is the second summer that Dreef is interning for Sony in Aliso Viejo.

Zhendong Wang (D. Redmiles, advisor) is first author on the paper titled “Unveiling Elite Developers’ Activities in Open Source Projects” which will be published in ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (TOSEM). The paper is co-authored by: alumnus professor Yang Feng (Ph.D. 2019, advisor J. Jones) of Nanjing University, China; alumnus and ISR professor Yi Wang (Ph.D. 2015, advisor D. Redmiles) of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China; professor James Jones; and Wang’s advisor professor David Redmiles. Z. Wang and Y. Feng both contributed equally to this research.

Ted Grover (G. Mark, advisor) is first author on the paper titled “Design and Evaluation of Intelligent Agent Prototypes for Assistance with Focus and Productivity at Work,” which was accepted to the 25th International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI). The paper is co-authored by Kael Rowan, Jina Suh, Daniel J. McDuff, and Mary Czerwinski, all of Microsoft Research. This paper is a result of Grover’s internship at Microsoft Research in summer 2019, where he worked under the supervision of Czerwinski and McDuff.

Anupriya Prasad (C. Lopes, advisor) is interning this summer at NEC Labs in San Jose, CA in the machine learning department. She will be a stack developer for a machine learning based video streaming console.

David Tamas Kutas (A. van der Hoek, advisor) will present his paper titled “Linecept: An Early Prototype of a Timeline-Based Design Coordination Tool” at the 13th International Workshop on Cooperative and Human Aspects of Software Engineering (CHASE 2020) to be held with virtually with ICSE in July. The paper is co-authored by M.S. SE students Aditya Nair and Prerna Singh, Ph.D. student Emily Kan (UCI Social Ecology), visiting professor Janet Burge (Colorado College), and Kutas’ advisor Prof. André van der Hoek.

Maruf Zaber (C. Lopes, advisor) is interning this summer for Google in London, United Kingdom. He is working with the Android Core team on a machine learning model to better optimize the battery life of Android devices. His host is Silvia Vineyes, Ph.D.

Negar Ghorbani (J. Garcia and S. Malek, advisors) is interning this summer at Fujitsu Laboratories of America, Inc. in Sunnyvale, CA. She will be working on mining developer forums (such as StackOverflow) to synthesize and suggest repairs for program crashes. Her manager is Mukul Prasad, Director of the Research department.

Adriana Meza Soria (A. van der Hoek, advisor) will present her research titled “KNOCAP: Capturing and Delivering Important Design Bits in Whiteboard Design Meetings” in the 42nd International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2020) Doctoral Symposium to be held virtually in July.

Farima Farmahinifarahani (C. Lopes, advisor) will be a research intern this summer for Microsoft in Redmond, WA. Her project will focus on devising and evaluating a predictive test selection strategy based on the changes since the last execution of the system. Her manager is Sina Jafari.

Abdulaziz Alshayban (S. Malek, advisor) will present his paper titled “Accessibility Issues in Android Apps: State of Affairs, Sentiments, and Ways Forward” as part of the Technical Track at the International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE), to be held in Seoul, South Korea in October. The paper is co-authored by Prof. Iftekhar Ahmed and Alshayban’s advisor ISR Director Prof. Sam Malek.

Rahmadi Trimananda (B. Demsky, advisor) presented his paper titled “Packet-Level Signatures for Smart Home Devices” at the Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS) held in San Diego, CA in February. The paper is co-authored by Ph.D. student Janus Varmarken, Prof. Athina Markopoulou, and Trimananda’s advisor Prof. Brian Demsky.