Chancellor's Prof. Michael Franz Congratulations to Chancellor’s Prof. Michael Franz for being named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Franz was bestowed this lifetime distinction for his “distinguished contributions to computer science, particularly to the areas of just-in-time compilation and optimization and techniques for computer security,” per the AAAS citation.

Professor André van der Hoek and Ph.D. student Adriana Meza Soria from the UCI Software Design and Collaboration Laboratory (SDCL) are collaborating with a team of undergraduate students from Kookmin University in Korea on the implementation of KNOCAP, a tool for collecting important design bits (IDBs) from whiteboard design meetings. Students Seunghwan Hong, Nayoung Lee, and Sanghoon Kim came to Irvine as part of the UCI I-SURF summer research program and extended their visit to Fall quarter to continue working on this project.

Prof. David Redmiles and visiting Prof. Tayana Conte.From February 2019 through February 2020, ISR hosted Prof. Tayana Conte on invitation by her ISR faculty host Prof. David Redmiles. Conte is a professor in Software Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction in the Department of Computer Science at the Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM) in Manaus, Brazil.

Prof. Joshua Garcia, Prof. Cristina Lopes, and Prof. Nenad MedvidovicProf. Cristina Lopes and UCLA Prof. Jens Palsberg have organized a series of workshops with the goal of establishing a Normalized Java Resource (NJR). The first workshop was held in 2017 at the SPLASH conference in Vancouver, Canada. The most recent was held in November at the 34th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE) in San Diego.

Prof. Joshua GarciaFor decades, the IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE), a top conference in software engineering, has brought together researchers and practitioners to address challenges of automating the analysis, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance of large software systems. This year’s ASE was held in November in San Diego, CA where Prof. Joshua Garcia and Prof.

Chancellor’s Professor Dr. Michael Franz’s research background lies in the area of programming languages and compilers, but from the start of his career, he has been exploring new directions at the edges of the field rather than working solely at the core of a sub-discipline. He was an early pioneer of the idea of machine independent code and just-in-time compilation. His 1994 dissertation “Code Generation On-The-Fly: A Key to Portable Software” was published two years before the appearance of Java brought the ideas of portable code and just-in-time compilation to widespread attention. His later work on continuous profile-guided optimization still informs ongoing research efforts in industry today.

ISR launched a new event on June 7: the Southern California Software Engineering Symposium (SuCSES). The goal of this event is to bring together researchers, leaders in industry, and technical practitioners to Southern California to discuss trends in the field of software engineering, showcase current research, formulate visions on strategic future research and technological directions, and build community.

ISR Director Sam Malek gives a presentation on mobile application security. (left) CPRI Executive Director Bryan Cunningham moderates a panel on IoT privacy regulation. (right)ISR was pleased to co-sponsor, with UCI’s Cybersecurity Policy and Research Institute (CPRI), a one-day event on the topic of Internet of Things (IoT) Security and Privacy. The event was held on May 14 in Donald Bren Hall at UCI.

The event featured: