Workshop on Evaluating
Software Architectural Solutions - 2000

Preparing for the Next Decade of Software Architecture Research

May 8-9, 2000

University of California, Irvine
Irvine, California, USA

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Richard N. Taylor
Institute for
Software Research
UC Irvine

Barry Boehm
Center for
Software Engineering

Nenad Medvidovic
Center for
Software Engineering

David S. Rosenblum
Institute for
Software Research
UC Irvine

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Debra A. Brodbeck
Institute for
Software Research
UC Irvine
(949) 824-2260

Architecture-based software engineering research has yielded an impressive array of technologies and demonstrations over the past decade. Using an architecture-based approach, applications have been built which:

  • exhibit remarkable flexibility;
  • demonstrate significant reuse of off-the-shelf components;
  • leverage experience from related applications in the same problem domain;
  • are analyzable earlier in their development than ever before.
The prospects for the coming decade are exceptionally bright. New technologies are emerging and maturing. Heightened emphasis on network-based applications presents an important opportunity for architecture-based approaches. To guide this new decade of research, however, it is critical that effective comparisons be made between alternative solution approaches, and that the applications produced be evaluated.

We invite you to join us for the Workshop on Evaluating Software Architectural Solutions (WESAS 2000). This engaging two-day workshop is being convened with the following goals in mind:

  • Share experiences in applying software architecture technologies;
  • Share experiences in attempting to assess architecture-based approaches;
  • Develop criteria for assessing germane properties of architecture-based products;
  • Identify assessment criteria for architecture-based development and evolution technologies;
  • Identify challenge problems to assist in the comparison of alternative technical approaches.
Achievement of these goals will enable a follow-on workshop later in the year, which will be a challenge-problem based evaluation exercise.

The workshop will consist of a mixture of informal 5-minute experience talks, full presentations, panels, and discussions. The first day will be primarily devoted to presentations and the second to discussion. Attendees should bring candidate challenge problems, evaluation criteria, and thoughtful opinions! Position papers are required. If you would like to give a 5-minute experience talk, please reserve a slot in advance by sending email to

2-3 page position papers should be sent to Debra Brodbeck at Submissions will be accepted by email only.

Submission Deadline: March 31, 2000

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