Internet-Scale Namespaces: a Survey


Table of Contents

Rohit Khare

What's in a name?

What's Internet Scale About, Anyway?

1000 m

100 m

10 m

1 m

Powers of Ten 90:ca:fe:de:ca:de

1-800-296-3892 /usr/local/www/db/reservations.msql

Anatomy of a URI

A URI resolves to an HTTP Message

Principals resolve to People & Organizations

X.500 Directory Hierarchy

PGP Identity Network

XML Namespaces

IScale Properties of XML Namespaces

and many more IScale namespaces:

Recap: Key Namespace Features

Part II: Identifying IScale Issues

IScale: Across Time

IScale: Across Space

IScale: Across Organizations

A Vision: Postmodern Naming

Take-Home Points

Author: Rohit Khare


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