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The Workshop series on

Internet-scale Software Technologies (TWIST)

The TWIST series aims to gather participants from industry and academia who are researching or developing software technologies that scale to the Internet. TWIST provides a forum for discussion and enables quick dissemination of current ideas within a well-targeted audience. The goals of the workshop series are developing a better understanding among the different communities of interest, improved definition of requirements for scaling to the Internet, better appreciation of the application domains that require or benefit from this approach, and suggestions for fruitful research directions.

Previous workshops in the series:

TWIST 2000: Organizational and Technical Issues in the Tension Between
Centralized and Decentralized Applications on the Internet
, July 13-14, 2000


TWIST 99: Internet-scale Namespaces August 19-20, 1999


The Workshop on Internet-Scale Event Notification, (WISEN), July 13-14, 1998


For More Information

Debra A. Brodbeck
Technical Relations Director
Institute for Software Research
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697-3425
+1 (949) 824-2260

This event was previously sponsored by the Irvine Research Unit in Software, the predecessor to the Institute for Software Research.