ISR Research Forum

Friday, June 2, 2006
McDonnell Douglas Auditorium

ISR Research Forum

The ISR Research Forum brings together researchers, leaders in industry, and technical practitioners in a multi-disciplinary environment to: discuss current research areas and technical trends in the fields of software development and interactive collaborative technologies; showcase current ISR research; formulate visions on strategic future research and technological directions; and encourage interaction among academia and industry through exchange of ideas and sharing of experiences.

A major goal is to encourage collaborative research and technology transition. This year we showcase joint industry/ISR relationships focusing on knowledge management, awareness and coordination, Eclipse, requirements traceability, software process technologies, and collaboration infrastructures using open source technologies.

ISR Research Forum
Kristie Kosaka, Boeing and Chris Van der Westhuizen, UCI/ISR (Forum 2005)
As in prior years, the evening will close with a reception featuring research posters and demonstrations - a great place to meet students, and always a big hit!


We are delighted to have Google
sponsor the reception this year.


Note! A highlight this year is the second annual "Graduate Student Research Symposium (GSRS)" for software/information technology students - which is being organized by a committee of our graduate students. The symposium continues the success of last year's forum. Want to participate or find out more? Click here.

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