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Specification-based Testing for Aspect-Oriented Programming


Student: Yuewei (Joanna) Zhou, UCI/ISR

Advisor: Debra J. Richardson, UCI/ISR and Hadar Ziv, UCI/ICS

Abstract: Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) provides new constructs and tools to handle cross-cutting concerns in programs. Fully realizing the potentials of Aspect-Oriented Software Development requires new abstractions and techniques for testing. This paper proposes a first step towards a practical approach to test aspect-oriented software. The proposed approach is accompanied by a selection algorithm that can select test cases that are relevant to aspects under test. A new testing coverage definition is proposed to specify the sufficiency of test cases on the aspect being tested. A tool is developed to support the approach, automating test case selection and coverage calculation. A detailed case study of banking account processing illustrates this initial approach.



Yuewei (Joanna) Zhou is interested in quality assurance of complex software. She has been working on novel approaches to test aspect-oriented software. Her approach combines insights from the areas of programming languages, program analysis, and software testing. She has been actively involved in software engineering conferences. She received BS degree in environmental engineering from Tsinghua University of Beijing in China, and MS and ME degrees in systems engineering and computer science respectively from University of Pennsylvania.