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Symbolic Objects in a Networked Gestural Sound Interface

Students: Amanda Williams, UCI/ISR and Eric Kabisch, UCI


Advisor: Paul Dourish, UCI/ISR


Abstract: SignalPlay is a sensor-based interactive sound environment in which familiar objects encourage exploration and discovery of sound interfaces through the process of play. Embedded wireless sensors form a network that detects gestural motion as well as environmental factors such as light and magnetic field. Human interactions with the sensors and with each other cause both immediate and systemic changes in a spatialized soundscape. Our investigation highlights the interplay between expected object-behavior associations and new modes of interaction with everyday objects. Here we present observations on embodied network interaction and suggest opportunities for further investigation in this field.


Bio: Amanda Williams is a 1st year PhD Student in the Informatic Department at UC Irvine. My research interests are generally in the realm of Human-Computer Interaction, including but not limited to ubiquitous computing in urban environments, tangible user interfaces, computer mediated communication, unconventional displays, and how Irvine got to be such a bizarre planned community. If this whole HCI thing doesn't work out, I'll likely spend my time snowboarding and running a pi(e) shop.


Bio: Eric Kabisch is a media designer/programmer pursuing an MFA in the Arts, Computation and Engineering (ACE) program at UC Irvine. He is also working as a research fellow for the California Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology (CalIT2). Eric's research interests include network and social visualization, dynamic music generation for interactivity, spatial perception and embodiment, game space vs. real space, and sustainable living.