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Modular Software for Parliamentary Procedure

Students: Bayle Shanks and Dana Dahlstrom, UC San Diego

Advisor: Joseph Goguen, UCSD - for Dana Dahlstom


Abstract:   Parliamentary procedure is a widely used system of rules for group   decision making. Software can help people engage formal group   deliberation in familiar face-to-face settings, and can also enable   computer-mediated online deliberation. We present a reusable software   module for parliamentary procedure and a prototype application for   supporting face-to-face meetings. The module, Parliament, implements   the logic and bookkeeping of parliamentary procedure using a   separately modifiable specification of the rules. Together with a   working partial specification of Robert's Rules of Order, the application provides a demonstration and testbed for the module.



Bayle Shanks is a doctoral student in computational neurobiology at   UCSD with a background in cognitive science, mathematics, and   artificial intelligence. He is also interested in new technologically   enabled forms of collaboration, decision-making, and information   retrieval. He develops software for wikis and has been involved with the CommunityWiki and MeatballWiki communities for three years (see



Dana Dahlstrom, as a graduate student in computer science at UCSD, and   previously as an undergraduate at the University of Utah, has worked   on projects in artificial intelligence, human-computer interfaces, and   intelligent user interfaces. His interest in tools to support   face-to-face and online deliberation is in part motivated by his experience in decision-making groups ranging from campus committees to local and state-wide student governments.