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Secure xADL: Software Architecture with Security

Student:Jie Ren, UCI/ISR

Collaborators: David F. Redmiles, UCI/ISR; Paul Dourish, UCI/ISR

Advisor: Richard N. Taylor, UCI/ISR

Abstract: An approach is proposed to extend a widely-used base architecture description language, xADL, with constructs to model principals, privileges, and contexts. Such constructs enable describing security contracts of components. Connectors are used to form secure composites. This approach supports good security practices at the architecture level, and provides tools to support design, analysis, and execution of secure software.


Jie Ren is a Ph.D. candidate of Department of Informatics. His research interest centers around pragmatic software development, with an emphasis on infrastructure and architecture support for large-scale, heterogeneous network software. Specially, he is interested in how to achieve a secure software architecture in architecture-driven, component-based, message-oriented software development.