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A Classification and Comparison Framework for Mobile Development Platforms

Student: Peter Payerl


Advisors: Harald Gall, University of Zurich; Nenad Medvidović, USC/ISR


Abstract: The increasing market for mobile devices and the availability of adequate wireless network connectivity is enhancing the importance of mobile software solutions. In the last few years a broad range of technologies were introduced to build such applications but not every approach is suitable for a given problem scenario as a consequence of varying characteristics and target domains they were initially designed for.

Therefore, this poster presents a framework for classifying and comparing different mobile development techniques, based on the essential functional and non-functional parameters which constitute the mobile world. In doing so, insights on each of these aspects as well as related state-of-the-art techniques are provided covering, among others, mobile middleware, software architecture, disconnected operation, security and usability. To verify the applicability of this framework several representative mobile development platforms will be applied to it in a second step and evaluated along the former identified criteria.

Bio: Peter Payerl is a master’s student at the University of Vienna (Austria) and joined the Software Architecture Group at the University of Southern California as visiting research assistant in February 2005. He is doing research for his master’s thesis in the field of mobile computing under the guidance of Harald Gall (University of Zurich) and Nenad Medvidovic (University of Southern California).