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Versioning Architecture-Implementation Relationships

Student: Eugen Nistor, UCI/ISR

Advisor: André van der Hoek, UCI/ISR

Collaborators: Justin Erenkrantz, UCI/ISR and Scott Hendrickson, UCI/ISR

Abstract: Previous research efforts into creating links between software architecture and its implementations have not explicitly addressed versioning. This situation calls for an explicit approach to versioning the architecture-implementation relationship capable of being utilized throughout design, implementation, and deployment. We present ArchEvol, a set of xADL 2.0 extensions, ArchStudio and Eclipse plug-ins, and Subversion guidelines for managing the architectural-implementation relationship throughout the entire software life cycle.


Eugen Nistor is a student in the School of Information and Computer Science at the University of California at Irvine, working with André van der Hoek. His research interests include software architecture and software environments with a focus on the relationship between architecture and implementation.