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JAML - Java Aspect Markup Language

Student: Trung Ngo, UCI/ISR


Advisor: Cristina Videira Lopes, UCI/ISR


Abstract: In this poster, we present JAML as an extensible language framework for developing aspect-specific languages. Domain-specificity is supported by leveraging on XML's extensibility: an open implementation of the aspect weaver can be extended using standard plugin techniques. Experience with JAML shows that (a) programming crosscutting concerns can be done without programmers having to master the models supporting AOP; and (b) the process of developing aspect-specific languages can be fast and can be reproduced from aspect to aspect.


Bio: Trung Ngo is Ph.D. student at UC Irvine, specializing in software engineering. His current research interests include aspect-oriented programming and ubiquitous computing. He works under the supervision of Professor Cristina Videira Lopes.