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Personal Info Management using User's Episodic Activities Flow

Visitor: Akira Karasudani, Fujitsu Laboratories, Japan


Collaborators: Paul Dourish, UCI/ISR


Host: Paul Dourish, UCI/ISR

Abstract: This poster will suggest a personal information management system based on user's episodic activities flow when user dealt with his information. Sometimes users face difficulties managing information. On current information management systems as represented by file systems, explicit hints such as file names, keywords and etc, can be employed to find information. But it is difficult to conceive appropriate hints because user's perspective to access information is variable every time even though the same information is required. The suggested system provides contextual hints to address this, which are organized by analyzing user's activities flow. The collection of contextual hints remind people of the setting in which they worked with information. By comparing former contexts and current perspective to access information, the information is able to be recognized and accessed.


Bio: Akira Karasudani of Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., Japan is a visiting researcher in the Institute for Software Research at UC Irvine. His interest areas are generally in the realm of information management which includes not only low-level architecture like I/O interfaces, also high-level architecture like file systems, information retrieval, user interfaces and so on. Recently he is also interested in personal information management incorporating cognitive psychology.