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A Visualization-based Approach to Information System Security

Post-Doc: Rogério de Paula


Collaborators from UCI/ISR:

Xianghua Ding
Paul Dourish
Kari Nies
Ben Pillet
David F. Redmiles
Jie Ren
Jennifer Rode
Roberto S. Silva Filho

Abstract: Computer system security is traditionally regarded as a primarily technological concern; the fundamental questions to which security researchers address themselves are those of the mathematical guarantees that can be made for the performance of various communication and computational challenges. However, in our research, we focus on a different question. For us, the fundamental security question is one that end-users routinely encounter and resolve for themselves many times a day -- the question of whether a system is secure enough for their immediate needs.

In this poster, we will present our explorations of this issue. In particular, we will draw on three major elements of our research to date. The first is empirical investigation into everyday security practices, looking at how people manage security as a practical, day-to-day concern, and exploring the context in which security decisions are made. This empirical work provides a foundation for our reconsideration of the problems of security to a large degree as an interactional problem. The second is our systems approach, based on visualization and event-based architectures. This technical approach provides a broad platform for investigating security and interaction, based on a set of general principles. The third is our initial experiences in a prototype deployment of these mechanisms in an application for peer-to-peer file-sharing in face-to-face collaborative settings. We have been using this application as the basis of an initial evaluation of our technology in support of everyday security practices in collaborative workgroups.



Rogério de Paula is a Research Associate in the Institute for Software Research and the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences at UC Irvine. His primary research interests are in the areas of Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, Human-Computer Interaction, Design. His current research investigates the complex relationship between privacy and security, as practical, interactional, and institutional concerns, and the design of visualization mechanisms to help people make informed decisions. He is particularly interested in the dialectic relationships between social settings and technological design, as well as ethnographic studies of technology-in-use and social-constructivism analyses of technology.

Before coming to UCI, Rogério was involved in various multi-year interdisciplinary research projects, where he investigated the relationship collaborative systems and educational and work practices. He was a doctoral student in the Center for LifeLong Learning and Design at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and M.S. in Telecommunications both from University of Colorado, and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil.