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An Environment for System and Software Architecture Modeling using an XML-based Notation

Student: Eric Dashofy, UCI/ISR

Advisor: Richard N. Taylor, UCI/ISR

Abstract: Modeling large software systems, especially in the context of larger systems-of-systems, has been a notoriously difficult task to do efficiently and consistently.  Furthermore, existing tools and notations for doing so generally embody a particular world-view that is not always the best fit for a given modeling situation. In general, it is difficult or impossible to adapt these existing tools and notations to deal with new requirements that are induced by the problem domain...and no two domains are the same.  In this demonstration, I'll be showing the latest progress on the ArchStudio 3 environment, including the xADL 2.0 language and highlighting exciting developments in graphical editing capabilities (Archipelago) and analysis tools (Tron).


Eric Dashofy is a PhD student in the Institute for Software Research at the University of California, Irvine.  His advisor is Richard Taylor. He plans to graduate someday.