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Complex knowledge artifacts designed and created by human beings such as various organizations, urban plans, buildings, and software systems seldom remain the same as they are initially built because environmental changes and human interactions with them would constantly create the needs for change. Therefore, complex knowledge artifacts must be able to evolve continuously to remain convivial to their users. The objective of this international workshop is to get a deeper understanding of how to evolve knowledge artifacts through the efforts of communities that are formed naturally by the people who have various stakes and interests in the knowledge artifacts. Community-driven evolution of knowledge artifacts entails the crystallization and creation of knowledge through sharing and collaboration among the members. Through presentations by participants on their related research and in-depth discussions, the workshop is expected to advance the understanding of how collaborative knowledge creation takes place in a community during the process of developing and evolving knowledge artifacts and how to design better tools to facilitate such collaboration and evolution.


This workshop is sponsored by the UC Irvine Institute for Software Research (ISR).

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