Yao Li two Proceedings CSCW journal pubs

Yao Li (A. Kobsa, advisor) is first author on two journal articles appearing in Proceedings of the ACM on Human- Computer Interaction, Vol. 2, Issue CSCW. The first is titled “When SNS Privacy Settings Become Granular: Investigating Users’ Choices, Rationales, and Influences on Their Social Experience” and is co-authored by Ph.D. student Xinning Gui, Informatics Prof. Yunan Chen, Prof. Heng Xu (Penn State) and Li’s advisor Prof. Alfred Kobsa. The second article is titled “Tell Me Before You Stream Me: Managing Information Disclosure in Video Game Live Streaming” and is co-authored by alumnus Dr. Yubo Kou (Purdue Polytechnic), Ph.D. student Je Soek Lee and Prof. Alfred Kobsa.

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