Taylor Co-Edits Handbook of Software Engineering

Prof. Sungdeok Cha of Korea University, Prof. Emeritus Richard N. Taylor, and Kyo C. Kang, Executive Vice President at Samsung Electronics, have co-edited the book titled Handbook of Software Engineering, published by Springer International Publishing in February 2019.

Handbook of Software EngineeringThis handbook provides a unique and in-depth survey of the current state-of-the-art in software engineering, covering its major topics, the conceptual genealogy of each subfield, and discussing future research directions. Subjects include foundational areas of software engineering (e.g. software processes, requirements engineering, software architecture, software testing, formal methods, software maintenance) as well as emerging areas (e.g., self-adaptive systems, software engineering in the cloud, coordination technology). Each chapter includes an introduction to central concepts and principles, a guided tour of seminal papers and key contributions, and promising future research directions.

Two chapters are authored by ISR faculty members:

“Software Architecture and Design” by Prof. Richard N. Taylor; and

“Security and Software Engineering” by Prof. Sam Malek, Prof. Hamid Bagheri of University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Prof. Joshua Garcia, and alumnus Dr. Alireza Sadeghi (Ph.D. 2017; advisor, Sam Malek), Google.

This article appeared in ISR Connector issue: