ISR Informal Talk

Takemi Yamazaki

“Research on Communication and Collaboration at Fuji Xerox, Japan”
Monday, November 13, 2006 - 2:00pm to 3:30pm
Faculty Host: 

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ICS-2 Room 136

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The mission statement of Fuji Xerox states that the company will strive to build an environment for the creation and effective utilization of knowledge. ICT research organizations are expected to propose new work styles and environments based on the deep understanding of humans and organizations. Among these are distance collaboration, multi-tasking support, and analysis on both the individual work and the human social activity. As a research fellow involved with the recent Fuji Xerox research operations in China (and for a long time in Japan), he will explain the activities of the company with respect to these topics. The talk is mainly intended to introduce the activity of Fuji Xerox in general. It does not necessarily include technological topics. However, some experimental results will be explained.

About the Speaker: 

Takemi Yamazaki is a Fellow at the Corporate Research Group, Fuji Xerox. He graduated from Keio University Graduate School (Tokyo, Japan) (MS) in 1973. He joined NEC Corporation (Central Research Labs), and then Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. in 1983. He developed the Smalltalk-80 system, and dedicated workstations. He is interested in remote collaboration support systems. Takemi is a member of ACM, the IEEE Computer Society, and the Information Processing Society, Japan.