Support for Disconnected Operation via Architectural Self-Reconfiguration

TitleSupport for Disconnected Operation via Architectural Self-Reconfiguration
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsMikic-Rakic, M., and N. Medvidović
Conference NameFirst International Conference on Autonomic Computing
Date PublishedMay 17-18
Conference LocationNew York, NY
ISBN Number0 7695 2114 2
Accession Number8047791
Keywordsarchitectural self-reconfiguration, Computer networks and techniques [C5620], Diagnostic, testing, debugging and evaluating systems [C6150G], disconnected operation, distributed environment, Distributed systems software [C6150N], mobile computing, mobile environment, self-adjusting systems, software architecture, Software engineering techniques [C6110B], software reliability, software system, system availability, system monitoring

In distributed and mobile environments, the connections among the hosts on which a software system is running are often unstable. As a result of connectivity losses, the overall availability of the system decreases. The distribution of software components onto hardware nodes (i.e., deployment architecture) may be ill-suited for the given state of the target hardware environment and may need to be altered to improve the software system's availability. In this paper, we present a flexible, software architecture-based solution for disconnected operation that increases the availability of a system during disconnection by allowing the system to monitor and automatically redeploy itself (16 References).