Siddhartha: A Method for Developing Domain-specific Test Driver Generators

TitleSiddhartha: A Method for Developing Domain-specific Test Driver Generators
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsReyes, A. A., and D. Richardson
Conference Name14th IEEE International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE '99)
Date Published12-15 Oct. 1999
Conference LocationCocoa Beach, FL, USA
KeywordsAerospace computing, Automatic testing, Difficult-to-test program design styles, Domain-specific language paradigm, Domain-specific test case data specifications, Domain-specific test driver generator development, Domain-specific unit test driver reference designs, Driver reference designs, DSL language processing tool, formal specification, Program interpreters, Program testing, Real-world digital flight control application program, Reasoning SDK, Siddhartha, Specification-based testing, TestSpecs, Translator

Siddhartha applies the domain-specific language (DSL) paradigm to solve difficult problems in specification-based testing (SBT). Domain-specific test case data specifications (TestSpecs) and difficult-to-test program design styles engender difficult SBT problems, which are the essential phenomena of interest to Siddhartha. Difficult-to-test program design styles are explicitly represented by domain-specific, unit test driver reference designs that accommodate the problematic program design styles. DSLs are developed to represent both TestSpecs and Driver reference designs. A DSL language processing tool (a translator) is developed that maps TestSpecs into Drivers. We developed a prototype implementation of Siddhartha via Reasoning SDK (formerly known as Software Refinery) and developed two domain-specific TestSpec to Driver translators. Each translator generated Drivers that revealed new failures in a real-world digital flight control application program.