Separating Architectural Concerns to Ease Program Understanding

TitleSeparating Architectural Concerns to Ease Program Understanding
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsJakobac, V., N. Medvidović, and A. Egyed
Conference Name1<sup>st</sup> International Workshop on the Modeling and Analysis of Concerns in Software (MACS 2005)
Date PublishedMay 16
Conference LocationSt. Louis, Missouri, USA

This paper presents an iterative, user-guided approach to program understanding based on a framework for analyzing and visualizing software systems. The framework is build around a pluggable and extensible set of clues about a given problem domain, execution environment, and/or programming language. The approach leverages two orthogonal architectural views of a system and describes how a proper identification of boundaries for specific concerns helps in reasoning about the system.