Paikari ICSE 2019

Elahe Paikari’s (A. van der Hoek, advisor) paper titled “A Chatbot for Conflict Detection and Resolution” was presented at the 1st International Workshop on Bots in Software Engineering (BotSE), held in May in Montreal, Canada at ICSE. The paper is co-authored by: JaeEun Choi of Kyung Hee University; SeonKyu Kim of Kookmin University; Sooyoung Baek of Hanyang University; MyeongSoo Kim, SeungEon Lee, ChaeYeon Han, and YoungJae Kim of Kookmin University; KaHye Ahn of Sogang University; Chan Cheong of Dankook University; and Paikari’s advisor Prof. André van der Hoek.

Student Photo: