Open House + Lunch

12:00 pm to 1:45 pm

Lunch served in DBH 6011 foyer at 12:00.  Take your lunch and eat at the location of your choice.

Open House begins at 12:30!

Attendees will be able to:

  • See demonstrations and posters.
  • Meet with faculty and students.
  • Learn about current research projects.

Come see what's going on at ISR!


Preliminary list of participants:

Spider Lab
Prof. James A. Jones

The Spider Lab creates techniques for offering automatic recommendations for common software-maintence tasks. Visit us to see posters and demonstrations:

  • "Phase Detection to Assist Software Comprehension" (poster)
    Yang Feng
  • "Cerebro: Revealing Runtime Behaviors in Software Executions" (poster and demo)
    J.Y. Ku
  • "Summarizing Method Invocations for Runtime Data and Control Flow Analysis" (poster)
    Vijay Krishna Palepu


Personalization and Privacy Lab
Prof.  Alfred Kobsa

The personalization and privacy lab conducts research on tailoring human-computer interaction to the needs of each individual user, and on reconciling the benefits that personalization provides with the privacy concerns that it evokes.

  • "The Effect of Sensory Stimuli on the Performance of Security-Critical Tasks" (poster)
    Bruce Berg (Dept. of Cognitive Sciences), Tyler Michael Kaczmarek (Dept. of Computer Science), Alfred Kobsa (Dept. of Computer Science and Dept. of Informatics), and Gene Tsudik (Dept. of Computer Science)
  • "Cross-Cultural Privacy Prediction" (poster)
    Yao Li, Bart P. Knijnenburg (Clemson University), Alfred Kobsa, and M-H. Carolyn Nguyen (Microsoft Corporation)


The Mondego Group 
Prof. Cristina Videira Lopes

Theme: Software Systems in the Large

The Mondego group conducts research in large systems and large data.

Posters and demonstrations to be presented include:

  • "Relational Types: Summoning the Power of Views" (poster)
    Rohan Achar and Cristina V. Lopes
  • "File Fragment Clones: A Language Independent Clone Detection With Variable Granularity" (poster)
    Yixian Chen and Cristina V. Lopes
  • "End-to-End Regression Testing of Distributed Systems" (poster and demo)
    Eugenia Gabrielov and Cristina V. Lopes
  • "DéjàVu: A Map of Code Duplicates on GitHub" (poster)
    Cristina V. Lopes, Petr Maj (Czech Technical University), Pedro Martins, Vaibhav Saini, Hitesh Sajnani (Microsoft Research), Di Yang, Jakub Zitny (Czech Technical University), and Jan Vitek (Northeastern University)
  • "MetaCC: Harnessing Source Code Metadata for Faster Clone Detection" (poster)
    Vaibhav Saini, Farima Farahani, Pedro Martins, Di Yang, and Cristina V. Lopes
  • "Stack Overflow in Github: Any Snippets There?" (poster)
    Di Yang, Pedro Martins, Vaibhav Saini, and Cristina V. Lopes


Software Engineering and Analysis Lab (SEAL)
Prof. Sam Malek

The Software Engineering and Analysis Lab (SEAL) is broadly engaged in research to automate the software engineering activities, thereby improving the developer productivity as well as the quality of the resulting software.

  • "Automatic Generation of Inter-Component Communication Exploits for Android Applications" (poster and demo)
    Joshua Garcia, Mahmoud Hammad, Negar Ghorbani, and Sam Malek
  • "DELDroid: Determination and Enforcement of Least-Privilege Architecture in Android" (poster)
    Mahmoud Hammad, Hamid Bagheri (Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln), and Sam Malek
  • "Advancing Energy Testing in Mobile Applications" (poster)
    Reyhaneh Jabbarvand and Sam Malek
  • "A Taxonomy and Qualitative Comparison of Program Analysis Techniques for Security Assessment of Android Software" (poster)
    Alireza Sadeghi, Hamid Bagheri (Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln), Joshua Garcia, and Sam Malek


Prof. Gloria Mark's Research Group

Prof. Mark's group studies what is known as social computing: studying how individuals, groups, society and technology mutually influence each other. They are particularly interested in studying how information technology use affects multi-tasking, attention, mood, and above all, stress.

Projects to be presented include:

  • "Digital Footprints: Predicting Personality through Temporal Patterns of Technology Use" (poster)
    Ted Grover and Gloria Mark


Software Architecture Research Group (SoftArch) at USC
Prof. Nenad Medvidović

Prof. Medvidović's Software Architecture Research Group (SoftArch) is a collaborative research team that focuses on cutting edge research in architectural modeling and analysis, component-based development, architecture-based development for distributed, heterogeneous, and resource constrained devices, architecture-based self-adaptation, and event-based middleware technologies.

Projects to be presented include:

  • "Toward Client-Centric Approaches for Latency Minimization in Mobile Applications" (poster)
    Yixue Zhao (USC) and Nenad Medvidović (USC)


Prof. David Redmiles

The Collaboration Research in Action, Design, and Learning Laboratory (CRADL) employs an interdisciplinary approach to research phenomena in human collaborative activity. We primarily study collaborative work, and, particularly, software engineering.

Projects to be presented include:

  • "End-user Development for the Internet of Things OR How can a light bulb be so complicated?" (poster)
    Bruno A. Chagas (PUC-Rio and UCI), David F. Redmiles, and Clarisse S. de Souza (PUC-Rio)
  • "Designing Effective Synthesized Spatial Audio Cues For The Web" (poster)
    Tao Wang, Donald Patterson (Westmont College), and David Redmiles
  • "Visual Resume: hiring in the global stage using card-based developer profiles of online contribution" (poster)
    Zhendong Wang and Anita Sarma (Oregon State University)
  • "PLAYFUL DRAWING AT WORK: Supporting Affective Expression and Sharing Through Online Drawing to Build Up Distributed Teams" (poster)
    Mengyao Zhao, Yi Wang (Rochester Institute of Technology), and David Redmiles


Prof. Walt Scacchi's Research Group

Prof. Scacchi's group studies software engineering and computer games. His two students participating in the Open House are undergraduates whose projects received funding through the UCI Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP).

Projects to be presented include:

  • "A New Augmented Reality Interface for Game Based Stroke TeleRehabilitation" (poster and demo)
    Arzang Kasiri, Dr. Walt Scacchi (Faculty Mentor)
  • "Just-In-Time AR-Based Learning in the Advanced Manufacturing Context" (poster and demo)
    Bryce Joe-Kun Tham, Dr. Walt Scacchi (Faculty Mentor)


Software Design and Collaboration Laboratory
Prof. André van der Hoek

The Software Design and Collaboration Laboratory focuses on understanding and advancing the roles of design, collaboration, and education in software development.

Projects include:

  • “Understanding the Impact of Support for Iteration on Code Search” (poster and demo)
    Lee Martie, Thomas Kwak, André van der Hoek
  • “Geographical Bias in GitHub: Perceptions and Reality” (poster)
    Ayushi Rastogi, Nachiappan Nagappan (Microsoft Research), André van der Hoek, Georgios Gousios (Delft University of Technology)