Open House + Lunch

11:50 am to 1:45 pm

Lunch served in DBH 6011 foyer at 12:00.  Take your lunch and eat at the location of your choice.

Open House begins at 12:30: Tour Labs, See Demos and Posters!

Attendees will be able to:

  • Tour our labs.
  • See demonstrations and posters.
  • Meet with faculty and students.
  • Learn about current research projects.

Come see what's going on at ISR!


List of participants:

In DBH building (#314 on UCI map), i.e. Donald Bren Hall, the newest Information and Computer Science building.


Spider Lab
Prof. James A. Jones
Location: DBH building, room 5011 and foyer
(5th floor)

The Spider Lab creates techniques for offering automatic recommendations for common software-maintence tasks. Visit us to see posters and demosntrations:

  • "Phase Detection to Assist Software Comprehension" (poster)
    Kaj Dreef 
  • "Software Behavior Classification with Multi-Label and Multi-Class Techniques" (poster)
    Yang Feng
  • "Spider Sense: Scalable Software Engineering Systems Evaluations" (poster)
    Junghun Kim
  • "Cerebro: Revealing Runtime Behaviors in Software Executions" (poster and demo)
    J.Y. Ku
  • "Summarizing Method Invocations for Runtime Data and Control Flow Analysis" (poster)
    Vijay Krishna Palepu


Personalization and Privacy Lab
Prof.  Alfred Kobsa
Location: DBH building, room 5051
(5th floor)

The personalization and privacy lab conducts research on tailoring human-computer interaction to the needs of each individual user, and on reconciling the benefits that personalization provides with the privacy concerns that it evokes.

Posters to be presented by:

  • "The Effect of Auditory and Visual Noise on the Performance of Security Critical Tasks" (poster)
    Tyler Michael Kaczmarek
  • "Understanding User Privacy on Internet of Thing Environments: Field Experiment through Google Glass" (experiment)
    Hosub Lee and Alfred Kobsa
  • "Cross-Cultural Privacy Prediction" (poster)
    Yao Li (UC Irvine), Alfred Kobsa (UC Irvine), Bart P. Knijnenburg (Clemson University), and M-H. Carolyn Nguyen (Microsoft Corporation)
  • "Class Confessions: Transforming the Experience of Stigma Through Facebook" (Research Project)
    Eugenia Ha Rim Rho, Oliver Haimson, Gillian Hayes, and Melissa Mazmanian 


The Mondego Group 
Prof. Crista Videira Lopes
Location: DBH building, room 5011 and foyer
(5th floor)

Theme: Software Systems in the Large

The Mondego group conducts research in large systems and large data.

 Posters and demonstrations will be given by:

  • "Predicate Collection Classes: Object-Oriented Data Frames" (poster)
    Rohan Achar
  • "Improving Player Experience by Mining Game Data" (poster)
    Thomas Debeauvais and Crista Lopes
  • "Collective Intelligence for smarter API recommendations in Python" (poster)
    Andrea Renika D'Souza
  • "Flow Testing: A Framework for End-to-End Distributed Systems Testing" (poster)
    Eugenia Gabrielova and Crista Lopes
  • "Code Cloning on On-line Repositories" (poster)
    Pedro Martins
  • "Clone Metrics: What analyzing a repository of 4000 Java projects taught us about cloned and non-cloned code" (poster)
    Vaibhav Saini, Hitesh Sajnani, and Cristina Lopes
  • "An Aspect-Oriented Approach to Large-Scale Urban Simulations" (poster and demo)
    Arthur Valadares, Rohan Achar, and Crista Lopes
  • "From Query to Usable Code: An Analysis of Stack Overflow Code Snippets" (poster)
    Di Yang


Software Engineering and Analysis Lab (SEAL)
Prof. Sam Malek
Location: DBH building, room 5011 and foyer
(5th floor) 

The Software Engineering and Analysis Lab (SEAL) is broadly engaged in research to automate the software engineering activities, thereby improving the developer productivity as well as the quality of the resulting software.

  • "TITANIUM: Efficient Analysis of Evolving Alloy Specifications" (poster)
    Hamid Bagheri and Sam Malek
  • "Lightweight, Obfuscation-Resilient Detection and Family Identification of Android Malware" (poster and demo)
    Joshua Garcia, Mahmoud M. Hammad, Kari Nies, and Sam Malek
  • "Automatic Extraction and Synchronization of a Runtime Model for Self-Adaptive Android Systems" (poster and demo) 
    Mahmoud Hammad, Joshua Garcia, Alireza Sadeghi, Hamid Bagheri, and Sam Malek
  • "Energy-Aware Test-Suite Minimization for Android Apps" (poster)
    Reyhaneh Jabbarvand, Alireza Sadeghi, Hamid Bagheri, and Sam Malek
  • "Analysis of Android Inter-App Security Vulnerabilities Using COVERT" (demo)
    Alireza Sadeghi, Hamid Bagheri, and Sam Malek


Prof. Gloria Mark's Research  Group
Location: DBH building, room 5011 and foyer
(5th floor)

Prof. Mark's group studies what is known as social computing: studying how individuals, groups, society and technology mutually influence each other. They are particularly interested in studying how information technology use affects multi-tasking, attention, mood, and above all, stress.

Posters to be presented include:

  • "An Investigation of Stress and Mood Associated with Digital Media Use in Everyday College Life" (poster)
    Yiran Wang


Prof. Nenad Medvidovic's Research  Group
Location: DBH building, room 5011 and foyer
(5th floor)

Visit with Prof. Medvidović's research group to learn about their research projects.

  • "An Additive Program Understanding and Software Architectural Recovery Method to Find Concerns in Systems of All Sizes" (poster and demo)
    Daniel Link
  • "Architecture-based Speculative Analysis to Predict Bugs in Software Systems" (poster)
     Yixue Zhao


Prof. David Redmiles
Location: DBH building, room 5011 and foyer
(5th floor) 

The Collaboration Research in Action, Design, and Learning Laboratory (CRADL) employs an interdisciplinary approach to research phenomena in human collaborative activity. We primarily study collaborative work, and, particularly, software engineering.

Posters to be presented by:

  • "Exploring the Design Space of Browser-Generated Spatial Audio Cues" (poster)
    Tao Wang
  • "Building Teams Over Distance: A Solution Through Digital Art Mediated Practices" (poster)
    Mengyao Zhao


SE4S: Software Engineering for Sustainability Research Group
Profs. Debra Richardson and Bill Tomlinson
Location: DBH building, room 5011 and foyer
(5th floor)

SE4S explores how to adapt software engineering technologies to be usable within the context of a wider variety of stakeholders as well as investigating how software engineering can be extended to help solve some of the world’s critical problems – ICT support for human development in less economically developed regions and sustainability of our environment.

Posters to be presented include:

  • "Modeling the Environmental Impact of Agricultural Systems" (poster)
    Ankita Raturi, Bill Tomlinson, and Debra Richardson


Software Design and Collaboration Laboratory
Prof. André van der Hoek
Location: DBH building, room 5011 and foyer
(5th floor)

The Software Design and Collaboration Laboratory focuses on understanding and advancing the roles of design, collaboration, and education in software development.

Posters and demonstrations will be given by:

  • "Exploring Microtask Crowdsourcing as Means of Fault Localization" (poster)
    Christian Adriano
  • "An Experiment in Crowdsourcing Software Design" (poster) 
    Consuelo Lopez and Fernando Spanghero
  • “CodeLikeThis: Iteratively Search by Similarity” (poster and demo)
    Lee Martie and Thomas Kwak